*Why Choose a Guaranteed Investment Fund (GIF)?

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For its distinctive features and benefits in estate planning

  • Estate bypass: Avoid estate settlement costs and delays – the death benefit is paid out automatically to the designated beneficiary named in the Contract – within five business days on receipt of all required documents. A beneficiary will not have to jump through hoops to access funds for immediate needs.
Guaranteed investment fund

  • Decision-making control: The Death benefit is paid out confidentially to the beneficiary designated in the Contract – because it is not part of the estate. Except for the TFSA, which requires the Estate’s trustee to declare the Contract’s fair market value on death of the annuitant. For confidentiality of private donations, a GIF can be a valuable estate planning tool.

*Gradual wealth transfer:

For the death benefit to be paid out as an annuity – conditions can be set by the Contract owner as to how the beneficiaries receive their share of the death benefit.

  • Creditor protection: One of the advantages of the Helios 2 Contract is that it can be made exempt from seizure. For a self-employed, business executive, board member or a professional such as a doctor or a lawyer, your work puts you at a high risk of liability. Exemption from seizure rules can be complex and may vary between provinces. Interested parties should consult a legal expert for an assessment of their specific situation.
  • Estate Planning: The Helios 2 Contract is a great way to balance an estate plan.
  • Finalizing a will: Did you know that 50% of Canadians don’t have a will? When someone dies without a will, the law decides how their assets are distributed. By designating a beneficiary on your Contract, you can ensure your wishes are respected.
  • A smart solution to suppliment a will: Did you know it could take over a year to settle an estate? Fees have to be paid in the probate process and in many provinces probate fees are based on the value of the estate !

Settling an estate: Up to 10% of the value of the investment.

*Helios2 Contract:

  • Probate: None – if a beneficiary is named in the Contract!
  • Confidentiality:In addition to the fees, in the probate process the will is made public. However, a Helios2 Contract is not part of your estate. Your Contract details will remain confidential.

An estate of any size needs planning to achieve the most tax efficient results. Delayed planning or no planning can cost you and your estate time and money.

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